REVIEW: Addict by Rachael Orman

Addict by Rachael Orman Now Live!!
5 Addicting Stars!
I absolutely loved this book.

We first meet John in a prequel novella called Lost Desires, and I was immediately intrigued by him. When Rachel told me she was writing his story, I couldn’t wait.

John is a therapist. Not just any kind. He helps couple reconnect sexually. He’s cool, calm and very good at his job. He’s a sexy Brit who’s addicted to control.

Alix is a sex addict. She is the events coordinator at a hotel, and one client that she sees weekly has her falling back into old ways.

A chance invite to a party introduces her to Master J, giving her a whole new way to explore her addiction without feeling like a deviant. The only problem is he won’t let her see him.

This story is full of intrigue, chemistry and steamy sexual encounters. The unknown Master J lends to a forbidden fantasy type plot, which I found fun and different.

There IS a cliffhanger in this story, but I have no doubt that the second book will be worth the wait.


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