RELEASE BLITZ & GIVEAWAY: Their Stepsister by Alexa Riley

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Sweet, innocent, virginal Sarah had never once stopped thinking about
her stepbrothers since she left for college. Identical in looks but
opposites in personality, the twins were everything Sarah wanted in a

Now that sexy little Sarah was home for good, twins Luke and Logan
could no longer fight the pull and keep away from her. She’d grown
into a beautiful young woman. She had curves that made their mouths
water and a body made for two men. Evidently years in the Marines and
away from Sarah hadn’t curbed their lust or obsession.

It was time for Luke and Logan to make a move. It was time for Sarah
to learn who she belonged to. She was theirs – heart, body and soul.

Warning! Only for readers above 18, this book contains insta-love,
taboo romance, menage and double penetration at its dirtiest. Proceed
with caution.

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The room is dark with only the moonlight streaming in through the
window to guide me. I move to the far wall that connects my
stepsister’s room to mine and lean against it. It’s cool against my
ear and I can hear movement in the next room. It’s beyond fucked up,
but I need to listen. I have to know if she’s touching herself. I hate
how weak this makes me, but she’s more important right now.

In my mind she’s got those milky thighs spread wide and her little
fingers are teasing down her stomach towards her pussy. I rub my hands
over the front of my pants and press on my growing erection. I close
my eyes tightly and will myself to pull away from the wall, but I
can’t. I keep rubbing my hand up and down, trying to find relief in
that simple touch. I stop abruptly when I hear some shuffling. Then –
sweet heaven – I hear a soft moan.

Fuck it.

Immediately I undo my belt and open my pants. I don’t give a damn how
pathetic this is, it’s the only thing I’ve got. I press my ear harder
to the wall and envision her digits tickling her clit. My right hand
runs down the length of my dick while my left cups my balls I’m so
goddamn wound up from thinking of fucking little Sarah I can’t stand it.

I can hear quiet sounds coming from her room and I stroke myself
harder. I can hear her moaning and moving on the bed. It’s painful how
turned on I am. I thrust my hips forward on the down strokes and
tighten my hand on my balls.

I want this to hurt. I want to punish myself and my dick for my dirty
thoughts of fucking my baby sister. I want to remind my body that all
the nasty things I want to do to her are wrong. But the more pain I
inflict on myself, the hotter it makes me. The more I try not to think
of the nasty things I want to do to her, the more irresistible they
become. The more I think about shoving my dick down her sweet throat,
the more pre-cum leaks. The more I think about squeezing that throat
while I thrust into her cunt, the more my spine tingles, and I can
feel my release coming.

My forehead is sweaty and I absently realize that I’m still fully
dressed with my dick in my hands and my ear to her wall. Fuck, how
pathetic do I look right now?

Her moans are becoming louder and more urgent, and I know she must be
ready. I speed up because in my mind I’m coming with her. In her. I
imagine one hand is on her breast, plucking at her nipple. I can
picture her other hand between her legs, her fingers working faster
and faster. I can almost smell the juices from her pussy dripping down
between her ass cheeks and wetting the bed. I would give anything to
lick it up and not waste a single drop.

The pressure peaks and releases, and I come in a thick stream that
runs over my cock and my hand. I use it as lube to work every last bit
of my orgasm out of me. I hear Sarah let out a shout on the other side
of the wall, causing more cum to leak out of my cock. I look down to
see my hands covered in cum. I’m sweaty, sticky, and still horny as


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