BLOG TOUR & REVIEW: THORNE: Rose’s Dark Contract by R.B. O’Brien





Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven…the primrose path—Shakespeare

William Thorne is a powerful man with dark needs and a troubled past who doesn’t have the time nor the desire for romantic relationships or notions.

Through meticulous planning and iron-clad contracts, Thorne has managed to maintain a modicum of balance, control, and happiness by employing personal assistants to aid him in all aspects of his professional and personal life.

Sex with no strings attached. Obedience without questions. An arrangement of mutual benefit. No mess. No love. No expectations. Nothing beyond a signed contract.

But when Thorne meets recent music grad, Victoria Rose, the shy and beautiful down-on-her-luck waitress, obsession replaces his carefully constructed thinking. He becomes so fixated on having her, without a full understanding of who she is, that he rushes her contract, making mistake after mistake before the ink even dries. His once neat and controlled existence becomes blurred and smudged.

Can the mistakes he makes be erased from Rose’s dark contract? Or will the damage leave an indelible mark that nobody could have seen coming?


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4 Stars

The synopsis of this story caught my eye immediately. I love the darker, more taboo reads and that is what I was expecting.

It’s not quite as dark as I expected, but it definitely had its moments.

William is the kind of guy you love and hate in equal amounts. He’s a shrewd businessman, used to getting anything or anyone he wants. He claims to be a sadist at heart, but his feelings are confused when it comes to his new “personal assistant” Victoria.

Victoria is not the usual type of PA that William normally takes on. He doesn’t go through his normal channels to get her to sign his contract. He pursues her in almost an obsessive way.

These two have an undeniable chemistry from the start. While there are some incredibly hot sex scenes, the plot line is completely original, which is refreshing. The story was smooth flowing.

There is a fantastic plot twist and one hell of a cliff-hanger at the end that had me literally saying “no freaking way!”.

Be warned. If you don’t like cliffies, hold off on reading this until the next book comes out, which I really hope is soon because I’m dying to see where RB takes these two.



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He didn’t think he was capable of love; she thought she had everything she ever needed. But when former ballet dancer and entrepreneur Natalie Smith and environmentalist Michael Black meet, they are thrust into a headlong relationship that may devastate them both.

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About R.B. O'Brien


I can’t remember not reading. Even now, I constantly toggle between two to five books on my Kindle in all genres. But I have always been drawn to the more taboo side of storytelling, even as a young adult, from hiding books from my strict Catholic parents as a tween, to getting lost in the erotic section of my favorite bookstore for hours as a college student, discovering such greats as Henry Miller and Pauline Réage.

In my own writing, which I can’t describe as anything but a “trance-like compulsion,” I like to explore the darker nature of relationships, those riddled with the reality of insecurities and human folly. I am drawn to expose the vulnerability, emotional turmoil, and occasional pain that can come from losing oneself in the heat of passion.

I hold a degree in English literature and my writing comes from some hidden, unrecognizable place, very different from the reality of my waking world. I am in love with E.E. Cummings and Anais Nin who continue to inspire me when I write.

“To write is to descend, excavate, to go underground.”—Anais Nin.


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