BLOG TOUR & REVIEW: Until I’m Found by M Lynne Cunning


Until I’m Found by M. Lynne Cunning is ON TOUR!
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Amy just wanted to escape Ethan’s abusive ways. She never expected to find the place where she felt like she belonged, and she surely never thought she’d find a second chance at love… 

When Amy Teake attempts to get as far away from her abusive boyfriend as her stash of money will take her, she ends up in Park’s Peak, eventually becoming entangled in a complicated emotional triangle with her boss’s brother and an obnoxious local police officer. She knows Ethan will find her eventually, she just never expects to involve either Cole or Jeremy in her fight for freedom. 

As Amy’s attraction to Cole deepens, and the lines between friendship and love with Jeremy become blurred, she finds herself divided between her fear of Ethan and her fear of hurting the two men who helped her remember how to live again. 

Will Amy outrun her fears and find the happy ending she so desperately desires? Perhaps, happy endings are not always as we expect them to be…

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How do I adequately put into words how much I enjoyed this book? It might be difficult, but I will try!

Let me start by saying that this book shouldn’t be labeled as one particular genre, but if I had to give it one, it would be romantic suspense. With a dark edge.

Amy has escaped after years of being with her abusive boyfriend. She finally managed to break free – as much as one can when constantly looking over one’s shoulder – and ends up in a sleepy little town. She gets a job in a bar, and quickly settles into a routine. She only knows the owner of the bar and the other employee, and she’s ok with that.
She’s slow to trust, which considering her past, is no surprise.

Jeremy is town cop, who frequents the bar hoping to charm Amy. She’s having none of it, though that doesn’t seem to deter the officer.

Then there’s Cole. The quiet gentleman who treads lightly and doesn’t push her.

All three characters are fantastic. Amy is reserved as you’d expect, but you see her grow stronger with each day she’s away from the ex. The supporting characters are also great, and while this book is a complete stand-alone, I’m kind of hoping that Ryan the bar owner gets a story.

I was completely caught up in the smooth flow and easy transitions of the book. There were lots of little twists and the ending had me in tears. This is one of those books you put down at the end and think to yourself, “I’m so glad I read that.” You feel like Amy, Cole, Jeremy and Ryan become your friends, however briefly.

There’s a minimal amount of violence and it’s not at all graphic. It wasn’t necessary to the plot,and there was no detraction from the story for lack of it. This story is about hope, love, starting over and daring to break free no matter the cost.

Overall I absolutely loved this book. I’m very anxious to read her next one, and if it’s anything like this, I will be a fan for life.

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