RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: Crown Jewels by Ella James

Crown Jewels by Ella James
Publication Date: November 20th, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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From USA Today bestseller Ella James…

After that close-up of his package on the sailboat in Morocco, TMZ started calling him Crown Jewels.

Not that I keep track of Prince Liam. Definitely don’t stalk him online like my friends do.
I’m out of that scene now. My family’s reality show might still be running, but I’ve been off-screen for a while. When people pass me on the sidewalk, they might squint, but most of them don’t scream “Lucy Rhodes” and ask about my love of Lucky Charms or how my broken toe healed.

Prince Liam—my stalking his Instagram—that’s just for fun. It’s my dirty little secret. Trust me, I’m the only woman in the world who doesn’t actually want him.

Except I’m back in the Hamptons for the first time in two years. I’m at a party, and Prince Manwhore is here as well. I tell myself that smile has no effect on me. That his ridiculous charisma is a parlor trick I see right through.

After our one night together, no one knows that I succumbed.

It doesn’t matter. It meant nothing.

Not until I see those two pink lines.

Crown Jewels is an 80,000-word contemporary romance novel with no cliffhanger ending.

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I love Ella, and her stories. She tends to write a little bit darker books, and this one is more contemporary romance with a hint of suspense.

That being said, I really enjoyed Crown Jewels. Lucy is a former reality star who retreated after an incident, and has been loving life outside of the spotlight. She still maintains her tight nit group of friends, but doesn’t miss the cameras at all.

Prince Liam of Gael has become somewhat of an internet celebrity. He’s a closet watcher of Lucy’s reality show and crushes on her from afar. What he doesn’t know is she does too.

An upsetting moment at a party throws the two together, and this is where you see past Liam’s public playboy persona for the first time, and catch a glimpse of what caused Lucy to flee for the rocky mountains of Colorado.

I love these two together. It’s not an insta love, but more an insta-respect for one another. Their attraction to each other is vulnerable and sweet because each of them has secrets they fear the other will hate them for. But they are both great people, with big hearts and as you get further into their story, you see how good they are together.

I really liked Liam and Lucy, and this first book in her Off-Limits Series. I’m looking forward to the next book, and hope she gives us glimpses of these two again.

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About the Author:

Ella James is the USA Today bestselling author of fifteen teen and adult love stories. She’s an angst-a-holic who loves exploring difficult situations and the emotions of the people caught up in them. Also, smut. But always, always romance.

Ella’s obsessions include vanilla cream soda, hiking, other obscure, crunchy stuff like rock collecting, and the antics of her 2.5 little monsters. (Monsters 1 and 2 will meet Monster 3 in November).

Connect with Ella:



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