BOOK BLITZ, GIVEAWAY& REVIEW: Pretty New Doll by Ker Dukey & K. Webster


Pretty New Doll

by K. Webster and Ker Dukey

Pretty Doll #3

Publication Date: July 17, 2017

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark Romance

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Benny, broken, hurting, and alone

Lost his dolly, his love, his home.

Injured and searching, reborn anew,

He finds himself befriended by one who’s true.

Learning about the world, urges, and lust.

Finding a new future, a new dolly, is a must.

Then out of old pain, fresh prospects come to life,

Benny’s sick mind summons him, so his hand takes the knife.

Have you ever been so lost that you became a shadow? Lurking but not living. Existing in the background where no one notices you.

My doll betrayed me, killed me in more ways than she realized.

I’m watching, waiting, wanting.

One day soon she’ll give me back what she took away…

it’s funny how life works that way.

New doll tes 1



When Ker and K announced that they were resurrecting Benny, I literally squealed. Call me sick in the head, but I LOVE Benny! And if you’ve read the first two books (which you would need to do anyway, because these are in no way stand-alones) you know how crazy that makes me sound.

In true Ker and K fashion, they take this book into the deep darkness, and it’s a delicious journey.  Benny – or Benjamin as he’s now called – has recovered from the fire that burned his house of horrors down. He has a new friend that has helped him bide his time until he gets his dirty little doll back. But that plan is waylaid when he sees a new doll.

I literally can’t tell you how much I love this series. And I can’t tell you more about this book because I hate spoilers and I don’t want to give anything away.  But I will say this. If you like the dark and taboo, if  things that you KNOW are morally wrong, but turn you on anyway are ok with you, READ THIS SERIES. It’s hot as f*ck, and I love that Ker and K push the boundaries in each of these books. I can’t wait to see where they take Benjamin and his new dolly.

naked sexy woman. beautiful nude body girl lying on the floor.your text here

About K. Webster


K Webster is the author of dozens romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

You can easily find K Webster on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!



About Ker Dukey


My books all tend to be darker romance, edge of you seat, angst filled reads. My advice to my readers when starting one of my titles…prepare for the unexpected.

I have always had a passion for storytelling, whether it be through lyrics or bed time stories with my sisters growing up.

My mum would always have a book in her hand when I was young and passed on her love for reading, inspiring me to venture into writing my own. I tend to have a darker edge to my writing. Not all love stories are made from light; some are created in darkness but are just as powerful and worth telling.

When I’m not lost in the world of characters I love spending time with my family. I’m a mum and that comes first in my life but when I do get down time I love attending music concerts or reading events with my younger sister.

Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Facebook Group

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Pretty Stolen Dolls #1

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Pretty Lost Dolls #2








Evi Devil.

Yes, that’s really my name.

The irony is not lost on me.

I was created from two evil souls and have the name to prove it.

Devil worshipers, perverts, murderer. Is all terms used to describe the parents I refuse to remember. My mind won’t allow me to.

And why would I want to?

One born of dirty blood running through her veins can never truly be clean from its murky hue.

No matter what they try to tell me happened in my past, my mind denies me access, therefore how can I know it’s true?

How can I believe that’s what I’m born from?

Glimpses of my past haunt me, the screams of terror echo in the silent darkness of my memories, trying to remind me that my Mother went from room to room butchering our family.

I’ve learned from scars that I suffered abuse and that my Father and siblings weren’t my Mother’s only victims.

Hearing what they tell me.

Reading the words printed in the papers. None of it can prepare me for what’s to come.

My biggest lesson is learning that some memories we suppress for a reason.



I’m a HUGE fan of Ker’s. 

She has such an incredible way of weaving a story, that no matter how dark the subject, you find yourself mesmerized. Evi story will not only suck you in, it will grab onto your soul and never let go. 

She lives through things no one should ever have to. And what makes her endearing is how incredibly strong she is. Even though she doesn’t think so. The journey that Ker takes us on with Evi is definitely twisted and dark. But there are so many rays of light that break through along the way.

Max is the only childhood friend Evi had, and once they find each other again, he’s determined not to lose her for a second time.  We catch glimpses of their childhood through her memory recall. 

This book is captivating and mind blowing. It’s honestly one of those books you need to read for yourself to truly appreciate how brilliant Ker truly is. And if you have any issues with abuse, please heed her warning at the beginning of the book. 



*An exclusive Kindle & Kindle Unlimited novel

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Meet Ker Dukey

International Bestselling Author Ker Dukey

I have always had a passion for storytelling, whether it be through lyrics or bed time stories with my sisters. I wanted to be an actress growing up so I could live many roles but I learned early on that my mind was too active… I would want to change the script.I would watch films and think of ways they could have improved the story if they took another direction so i thought it best that I tell my own.

My mum would always have a book in her hand when I was young and passed on her love for reading, inspiring me to venture into writing my own. I tend to have a darker edge to my writing. Not all love stories are made from light, some are created in darkness but are just as powerful and worth telling.

When I’m not lost in the world of characters I love spending time with my family. I’m a mum and that comes first in my life but when I do get down time I love attending music concerts or reading events with my younger sister.

You can find me on Facebook where I love interacting with my readers.





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RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: A Little Bit Like Love by Brooke Blaine


A Little Bit Like Love, an all-new sexy STANDALONE MM romance from Brooke Blaine is LIVE!


A Little Bit Like Love by Brooke Blaine

Publication Date: July 27th, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance/MM Romance

What if you had everything in the world you wanted…except the man you’d left behind?

Jackson Davenport, the charismatic, strait-laced heir to the Davenport fortune, has a secret. One he’s been hiding since he graduated from South Haven all-boys academy—and that secret’s name is Lucas.

When a work trip takes Jackson back to his old stomping grounds, memories of the year he shared with Lucas come crashing to the surface. With growing pressure from his father to settle down and take over the family business, Jackson knows he’s on borrowed time, and sets out to find the free-spirited daredevil he once knew.

But Lucas isn’t the same man he was eight years ago.

One night. A shattered heart. And an endless parade of nameless faces. Lucas Sullivan is South Haven’s ultimate playboy, a reputation he’s honed since the only boy he ever loved left without a trace. To the world, he’s brash and confident, an in-demand artist who spends his days designing one-of-a-kind pieces and his nights as king of the downtown scene.

Many have tried and failed to get past the barrier he’s carefully constructed, but it’s the shy, studious boy he once coaxed out of his shell who still haunts him.

Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe it was lust. Or maybe…it was a little bit like love.





I love a good love story, no matter what gender the two main characters are. After all, Love is Love. 

If you’ve never read M/M romance, and have been on the fence about trying it, start with A Little Bit Like Love. Jackson and Lucas will not only ease you into this beautiful world, but they will make you wonder why you waited so long to take the leap. 

What Brooke brings us is a beautiful story of friendship, trust and second chances. It’s also about finding out who you really are.

Eight years. That’s how long it’s been since Jackson has seen the only person to ever make him feel alive. Eight years since Jackson has been able to just be himself, and not his fathers puppet. 

Lucas has tried to forget Jackson. The only person he’s ever let in, ever let get close. Countless, meaningless hook ups don’t really do anything to dull the ache left behind by Jackson. 

 One night. A not so chance encounter, has both of them needing to decide what it is they truly want, and how far they are willing to go to get it.  This story is infused with all the feels, including a dose Brooke’s trademark humor, that leaves you with warm fuzzies long after you finish.  There are some fantastic secondary characters that make this cast very well rounded. 

Jackson and Lucas are two characters you won’t forget anytime soon. I’m excited to see more of them in future South Haven books, and also can’t wait to see who she brings us next. 

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About Brooke Blaine:

You could say Brooke Blaine was a book-a-holic from the time she knew how to read; she used to tell her mother that curling up with one at 4 a.m. before elementary school was her ‘quiet time.’ Not much has changed except for the espresso I.V. pump she now carries around and the size of her onesie pajamas.

She is the author of Flash Point, a romantic suspense standalone, as well as the co-author of the erotic series, A Desperate Man, with Ella Frank. The latter has scarred her conservative southern family for life, bless their hearts. Licked, a romantic comedy, will be released November 11th, 2015 and is the first in the L.A. Liaisons series.

If you’d like to get in touch with her, she’s easy to find – just keep an ear out for the Rick Astley ringtone that’s dominated her cell phone for ten years.

Ella Frank

Connect with Brooke:



Twitter- @BrookeBlaine1


FB Street Team-


Cover Design: MadHat Books

Release Date: July 25, 2017



Everyone just stop for one bleeping minute so we can all get real with each other. Being a mom is some tough $#!†. You’re constantly wearing questionable substances that make you ask, “is this chocolate or … oh, crap …” and your purse is merely a receptacle for three-week-old snacks and broken crayons.

Let’s be honest … even when we’re doing this “mom” thing right, we’re somehow doing it completely wrong.

Pardon us while we dust off our collective Mother of the Year trophy and proudly present you with an epic anthology of #MOMFAILS.

*Stories inspired by real life (unless you’re a cop, then it’s all complete fiction). Names and situations have been changed to protect the guilty (and by guilty, we mean the moms). Because motherhood is a battlefield and we’re all just trying to survive by any means necessary.

Featuring this amazing lineup: Alissa York, A.M. Willard, BL Berry, Carina Adams, Claudia Burgoa, Crystal Burnette, Dylan Allen, Faith Andrews, Gia Riley, J.A. DeRouen, Kate Anslinger, Leddy Harper, LK Collins, LL Collins, Marie James, Piper Rayne, Riann C. Miller, Shari J. Ryan, Stephanie Rose, Stephie Walls, SM West, TL Swan, Teresa Michaels, and foreword written by: Nicole Kane Knepper.





MomFail Now Available Teaser 1



4.5 Hilarious Stars

Let’s face it. Before we have kids, we judge others and think to ourselves, “I would NEVER let my kids do that” or “My kids would be so much better behaved than that”.  It’s easy to do that. Until you have your own. Then all those ideals and plans go right out the window. 

There was not one story in this anthology that I didn’t find myself thinking back to my own early journey on this road called motherhood and laughing at how naive I was. I definitely laughed, and cringed at some of the situations I found myself in with my own family that were eerily similar to some of the ones in here.  

My favorite had to be Afternoon Delight by B.L. Berry.  We all know when you have small children, sex becomes one more thing on your “to-do list”. You try and schedule it,  like a doctors appointment, and all the spontaneity that you once took for granted goes right down the drain. This particular story had me laughing so hard, because I’ve been in this situation myself (minus the triplets).  But ALL the stories are relate-able in one way or another. 

If you’re looking for a light-hearted, make you laugh out loud read, or just need confirmation that  you are not alone on this journey, read #MOMFAIL!




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Connect with the Authors:


Alissa York:

A.M. Willard:

BL Berry:

Carina Adams:

Claudia Burgoa:

Crystal Burnette:

Dylan Allen:

Faith Andrews:

Gia Riley:

J.A. DeRouen:

Kate Anslinger:

Leddy Harper:

LK Collins:

LL Collins:

Marie James:

Piper Rayne:

Riann C. Miller:

Shari J. Ryan:

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Teresa Michaels:

RELEASE, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: The Scent of Roses by Sienna Blake




Title: The Scent Of Roses

Book 2 in the Dark Romeo Trilogy

Author: Sienna Blake

Genre: Erotic Romance

Formats: Paperback & ebook

Cover Designer: Romacdesigns

The sequel to Love Sprung From Hate, Dark Romeo #1.

The game becomes more deadly as the lies get bigger. Risks will be taken, loyalties will be tested, but will Roman and Julianna take the biggest risk of all…giving into their hearts?

*Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this is a retelling for mature audiences. Don’t enter the Underworld if you’re scared of the dark.



(The Scent Of Roses will increase to regular price July 17th)

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Love Sprung From Hate is available for ONLY 99¢

Start the series NOW!! | | |

5 heart pounding stars!

This book picks up where book 1 left off. And holy moly, does Sienna know how to keep you in the ledge!

Will they throw caution to the wind and give in to their ever increasing attraction? Or will they be sensible and stay away from each other?

I can’t say much because it will give it away. But READ THIS SERIES!! I am so anxious for book 3. I’m so curious how it ends! And I can only pray it’s not like the true Romeo and Juliette!



Sienna Blake is a pen name for a USA Today Bestselling Author. She loves all things that make her heart race — rollercoasters, thrillers and rowdy unrestrained sex. She likes to explore the darker side of human nature in her writing.

If she told you who she really was, she’d have to kill you. Because of her passion for crime and forensics, she’d totally get away with your murder.


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RELEASE, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Writing Mr. Right by T.K. Leigh

Title: Writing Mr. Right
Author: T.K. Leigh
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: June 26, 2017

My name is
Molly Brinks, but most people know me as Vivienne Foxx, bestselling author of
chance meetings, stolen glances, and the much-needed happily ever after. My
addictions include coffee, home improvement television, and the occasional pint
of ice cream. The love of my life is an eighty-pound labrador retriever named
Pee Wee. At the age of twenty-nine-plus-one, I am at the top of my
game…professionally. My personal life is a completely different story, one best
left untold. Success has its sacrifices and I’ve been more than happy to put my
search for Prince Charming on the back burner while I create fictitious tales
of the naïve virgin, the broken girl with a torrid past, and the strong-willed
student finding their own Mr. Right… Until one hell of a case of writer’s block
and a tight deadline set by my publisher forces me outside my cozy downtown
Boston apartment in search of inspiration.
Armed with
an account on every dating website out there, I devise a plan. Meet some nice,
professional men. Go on a few dates. Hope one of them has the spark I need to
finish my book. Then walk away.
But plans
are meant to be broken.
My name is
Molly Brinks, and this is my story about Writing Mr. Right.



4.5 Stars
This was not the typical book that I’m used to from T.K. Leigh. I’m so used to her darker, more suspenseful reads, and this lighthearted, funny story was a very nice change. There is so much I want to say, but I can’t without giving it away.

This book is a great combination of heartwarming and hilarity, with moments of tugging at the heart strings dispersed throughout. Molly is funny. She’s smart, feisty and very set on her belief that “real love is not real life.” There were times she’d be so stubborn, I’d get frustrated with her, but then she’d do something to make me laugh and all would be forgotten.

The secondary characters in this book are fantastic, and I can’t wait for Drew (her brother) to get his book.

If you’re a fan of T.K. Leigh’s writing, then pick this book up. You’ll enjoy seeing her lighter side.

Purchase Links
99c for a VERY limited time!!

Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio
T.K. Leigh,
otherwise known as Tracy Leigh Kellam, is the USA Today Bestselling author of
the Beautiful Mess series, in addition to several other works. Originally from
New England, she now resides in sunny Southern California with her husband,
dog, and three cats, all of which she has rescued (including the husband). In
late 2015, she gave birth to her first (and only) baby. When she’s not planted
in front of her computer, writing away, she can be found training for her next
marathon (of which she has run over twenty fulls and far too many halfs to
recall) or chasing her daughter around the house.
T.K. Leigh
is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. All
publishing inquiries, including audio, foreign, and film rights, should be
directed to her.


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RELEASE, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Love Sprung From Hate by Sienna Blake

Keep reading and help celebrate Sienna Blake’s new release Love Sprung from Hate with multiple HUGE giveaways!!




Title: Love Sprung From Hate

Book 1 in the Dark Romeo Trilogy

Author: Sienna Blake

Genre: Erotic Romance

Formats: Paperback & ebook

Cover Designer: Romacdesigns


I didn’t know she was a detective, the only daughter of the Chief of Police.
I didn’t know he was a mafia Prince, heir to the Tyrell’s bloody empire.

It was only supposed to be one night.
God help me, I can’t stop thinking about that night.

So when she walked into the interrogation room, my heart almost stopped.
I can’t believe he might have tortured and killed someone.

I have to avoid her at all costs.
I will be his downfall.

So begins a deadly game of cat and mouse, of blood and lust, of love and duty, and of an attraction so fierce the consequences are inevitable…

*Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this is a retelling for mature audiences. Don’t enter the Underworld if you’re scared of the dark.

~ Paperback Purchase links ~

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Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU




If you’re a fan of the forbidden romance, this book is for you. It’s a modern twist on a timeless classic that will leave you wanting SO much more!

Roman and Julianna are natural born enemies, only they don’t know that. She’s the chief of police’s detective daughter, determined to make a name for herself without her fathers help. He’s the reluctant heir to the mob empire who tried to escape his fathers grasp.

I love the way these two meet. It’s so unconventional, and absolutely fitting for them. The chemistry is explosive, and right away, Roman exerts his gorgeous alpha self. He’s arrogant, but not overbearing. 24 hours. One night. That’s all he can give her. And in that time, they discover all of the commonalities that they share. Loss, heartache, not living up to expectations. And wishing they had more than one night to spend together.

Julianna is a spitfire. She’s a little insecure when it comes to men, but with her job, she’s determined and fierce. I love the inner dialogue when she comes face to face with Roman after their one night.

Sienna’s writing is wonderful. This story flows, and before you know it, you’re at the end. It’s filled with suspense and twists, all wrapped up in a sexy package. The ending alone will leave you gasping. I’m very excited for the next book. I need to know how they handle the situation they’ve both been unwillingly thrust into, and whether or not their hearts survive.


Sienna Blake is a pen name for a USA Today Bestselling Author. She loves all things that make her heart race — rollercoasters, thrillers and rowdy unrestrained sex. She likes to explore the darker side of human nature in her writing.

If she told you who she really was, she’d have to kill you. Because of her passion for crime and forensics, she’d totally get away with your murder.


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Title: Punched

Author: Jacob Chance

Genre: Sports Romance

Release Date: June 15, 2017



Reagan is the one who got away – or should I say the one I

drove away? Now, four years later, she’s back to manage the gym where I train.

Seeing her everyday is a distraction I can’t afford. I’m so close to achieving

the big payoff I’ve been working for. Nothing’s going to keep me from winning

this belt – not even her.



Purchase Links

99c for a limited time


Free in Kindle Unlimited




If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. I LOVE Jacobs writing! Like, I might very soon be elevated to stalker status, because I’m always anxiously awaiting his next release.

I was looking forward to Punched after reading Penalty, and it was so good, I read it in just a few hours. Could not, would not, put it down!

Noah Nolan is a fighter; in every sense of the word. He comes from a background he’s ashamed of, in a neighborhood that leaves a lot to be desired. He has less than stellar parenting, which is what drives his fight to be better than all of that.

Reagan Collins is the sweet daughter of world-famous retired fighter Jimmy Collins, who now trains Noah. She’s recently returned to Boston from school in California, ready to run her fathers gym and get started with her life. Working in the gym where the man who broke her heart four years ago won’t be easy, but she keeps her chin up and her resolve strong.

I absolutely adored this second chance romance. It’s a beautifully written tale of young love, regrets and moving forward. Underneath Noah’s perfectly sculpted physique and tough MMA facade, is a genuinely nice guy, who has never stopped loving Reagan. And Reagan is just as wonderful. She is probably one of my favorite female characters, ever. She’s smart and strong, but incredibly sweet and forgiving.

This book is another feather in Jacobs cap, and may just be my favorite of his so far. It’s the perfect combination of sweetness and hotness. If you like sports romance, and second chance romance, this is the best of both worlds that you do not want to miss.

Author Bio

Jacob Chance grew up in New England.
He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.
An author of erotic thrillers and sports romance, he plans to write many more sexy, suspenseful stories.

Author Links

RELEASE, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: The Tutor by K. Larsen

Release Blitz Media Kit:

The Tutor by K. Larsen Published June 5, 2017 Dark Romantic Suspense


Special Announcement: K. Larsen is giving away a KindleFire & a Signed Paperback of The Tutor Giveaway Link:

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After a party gone wrong and in desperate need of money for the fall semester of college, twenty-year-old Nora Robertson needs to escape her hometown.

She accepts a summer long live-in tutoring job for a handsome man and his little sister at a secluded home deep in the mountains. There is no running water. No electricity. No internet or cell service. When her tutoring job ends she’s hit with a brutal turn of events … she’s not permitted to leave.

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Short Excerpt:

Holden dressed me that first day out of the box. He dressed me and left me in his bedroom on his bed. I sobbed until my body had no more liquid to expel. I curled into a tiny ball and willed everything not to be true. At some point, probably mid-day, he came in with a bucket, washcloth, and tray of food. He gently, tenderly almost, sat me up and fed me. Small bites. He murmured that things would be okay. That I would see. When the food was gone, he lifted my dress from my body. I stared at the wall unmoving. He dampened the

washcloth and washed me head to toe. There was nothing sexual about it. It was simply cleaning the filth and stench from my skin. If I’m honest, I almost enjoyed it. Being clean is something we take for granted. He left me in his room after a swift kiss on the crown of my head until dinner. He brought in a tray and fed me again. Afterward, he brushed my hair free of all the knots and braided it. When he finished I laid back down and squeezed my eyes shut so tightly that the apples of my cheeks began to burn.

Long Excerpt:

Present Day Nora

“What’s your name?”

“Nora,” I whisper. My throat feels sunburned. Sweat soaks the hair covering my neck. Wind gusts hair across my face. Something drips from my head. Or onto my head. I can’t tell which. A blurry face appears over mine. Too close. “Nora, we’re going to lift now.”

I stare at the gray sky. I shudder and worry about what might be watching from the thicket of woods nearby. I can’t nod and my mouth makes no sound. For a moment I feel weightless. Free. I imagine it’s how birds feel soaring through the sky. Gravity quickly reminds me that something’s amiss. My leg feels like it’s on fire. I wince when I’m jostled into some kind of metal box. An ambulance. The sterile hygienic odor hits me like a brick in the face. Everything is a watery blur from behind the rain-streaked windows of the ambulance doors. People have a deep-seated craving for a sense of family, belonging, identity. I squeeze my eyes shut. Looking back, I realize that he probably interviewed lots of different girls for the job and picked the one he thought would be easiest. It wasn’t just the girl he chose but the life she came from as well.

“Nora, stay with me.” The paramedic’s voice is deep and oddly soothing. It pulls me from my thoughts. I open my eyes, slide my gaze from the ceiling to him. I want to know what he looks like but my eyes won’t focus enough to get a good look. He pokes at me with something as if I am a large bug to be inspected. My body screams with pain. It feels like there’s a noose around my throat so tight stars dance in my eyes. I’ve experienced this before though. I can survive. Life’s made me numb. I squeeze my eyes shut again.

“Nora, can you hear me?”



I jolt awake—disoriented. Lotte? Tubes snake in and out of me. I’m covered in soft blue and don’t feel gritty with dirt anymore. The steady beeps of nearby monitors hurts my ears. So much white noise. A symphony of electronic background sound that’s headache inducing. I’ve been too used to the quiet of nature for too long. The door to the room is closed. I don’t like closed doors. Panic jumpstarts my heart. I’m trapped. Again. My leg is hoisted up and in a cast. I squint trying to recall the proper name for the contraption. My sternum aches and I have white lights dancing in my peripheral vision. The door opens. Please be Lotte. A man in a gray suit enters the room. I lift my head slightly.

“Hello, Nora.” I don’t know who he is. I squint at him as he surveys me while chewing a nail. It’s strange to think of the unexpected turns a person’s life can take. “I’m detective Salve. And I need to ask you some questions.” I feel my face wrinkle in confusion.

“Do you remember what happened?” he asks. I drop my head to the thin pillow; stare at the ceiling as he pulls a chair next to the bed.

“I was in a car accident.” My voice is a raspy whisper. When I chance a look at him again, he’s nodding.

“Yes. That’s good. Do you need anything?” he asks. Not from you.

“Water,” I answer. And Lotte.

“Sure thing. Hang on.” He stands, the chair legs scrape across the floor and I cringe at the noise. When he returns he holds a small cup of water out at me, a straw plunged into it. He’s younger than Holden by maybe a few years from the looks of it. I wonder how long he’s been a detective. His brown hair is close cropped and his nose has a bump in the bridge. He has nice eyes and an easy smile. A nice face, Angela would say. I take the cup from him and chance a small sip. It’s hard to swallow but I manage. I set the cup down on the table next to the bed.

“So, Nora, what’s your last name?” he asks.

I sigh and say, “Robertson.”

Detective Salve lifts an eyebrow at me. “Really.” I lick my dry lips.

“Really,” I mumble.

“How old are you?”

“Twenty-one.” He eyes me then. Takes me in.

“What’s your date of birth?”

“March 19th, 1996.” I know what he’s thinking- I look younger than I am. I always have. And I’m only just twenty-one.

“Do you want me to call your parents?” I shake my head.

“I don’t have any,” I answer. Like most people who grew up without parents, over the years I have collected little tidbits of life knowledge, scraps and bits from friends parents, teachers, and employers. Anyone who offered up a touch of wisdom and I kept them like fabric remnants so that I could someday crochet them into a nonsensical afghan that might somehow make my life better—easier. But that is the problem with crocheting-it’s full of holes. Right now I’d kill to have a parent. I don’t know where he is. I don’t know where Lotte is. I don’t know if I’m close to home or close to the farm.

“Is there other family I could call?”

I stare at the ceiling again. A nurse comes in and explains that she’s taking my vitals, upping my fluids and asks if I need anything for my pain level. I want the detective to leave. He gives me an uneasy feeling. Men aren’t to be trusted. They have hidden dark needs they want filled. He wouldn’t want me talking to any men. Dara, the nurse, writes her name on a whiteboard and tells me to let her know if I need anything at all. She gives Detective Salve the side-eye as she leaves. I decide I like her.

“Angela Clark,” I croak.

“Sorry?” Detective Salve says.

“Call Angela Clark.” I give him the phone number and wait for him to leave. We’re not done yet. He told me that. But at least the unidentified girl in the car wreck has been identified. I buzz the nurse. She’s quick.

“My head is killing me.” Dara nods while simultaneously darting around. She reminds me of a butterfly with their erratic flight patterns. She’s dainty and delicate looking. Before I can blink twice she’s handing me pills and the cup of water from the table. I swallow them down quick.

“You should really try and sleep. The Doctor will be around to fill you in soon.” I bite my bottom lip and try to make myself comfortable before I close my eyes. I shouldn’t close my eyes. I feel guilty for not getting up. For not finding Lotte or asking about her but if I’m here–safe, she’s probably here–safe. Scared but safe. When I sleep my brain doesn’t hurt. The world is quiet. At least it used to be that way. Sleep was a heavenly escape. I didn’t dream. Sleep provided me sweet escape for eight hours. It’s dark out when I wake. Rather, when I’m roused from sleep.

“Ms. Robertson.” An unfamiliar voice. I blink a few times before rubbing away the sleep crusties. My mouth is dry again. My leg throbs. My chest aches. Is this a broken heart? I stuff the idea way deep down- for Lotte.

“Nora,” I scratch out. He tucks my chart under his armpit and hands my water to me. I drink the remaining liquid. It’s not enough. I’m somnolent and feel desiccated.

“Nora,” he says.


“You’re aware of the car accident yes?”

“Yes,” I answer. The road was uneven and icy. I remember screaming at Lotte to hang on as I yanked the wheel and slammed the brake pedal.

“You’re lucky to be alive,” he says and a part of me wants to laugh but I don’t. “You shattered your femur and part of your patella. You sustained a nasty contusion on your sternum and a serious concussion. It was estimated that you were pinned under your truck for at least three hours before help arrived which is partly why you’re dehydrated and suffered moderate hypothermia.”

“Okay. Where’s Lotte?” I ask. He stares at me a beat.

“Who’s Lotte?”

“Charlotte,” I say. “She was in the truck with me.”

He pinches his lips closed. Swings his tongue around his teeth behind his bottom lip.

“As far as I know, there was no one else recovered at the scene.” He looks everywhere but me. Recovered. The word doesn’t sit right with me.

“That can’t be right. She was in the truck with me.” I close my eyes, recall what I can. I know she was with me. He stares at me intently now.

Then, “Tell you what? I will ask around for you. Maybe I’m wrong.”

“When can I leave?” I ask.

“We need to do a couple more CAT scans, get your fluids up and monitor your break. But outside of that—soon.”

Now I do laugh. “That doesn’t sound very soon.” “It’s all relative,” he says with an easy grin.

“Also, the EMTs didn’t recover any personal effects. Do you have health insurance or an emergency contact you’d like on file?” I frown and shake my head.

“I already spoke with a detective. He’s calling someone for me but I don’t have insurance,” I groan.

“Is that a problem?”

“Not at all. Just another step to take. I’ll send someone up to get you officially admitted and work out payment options with you. I expect you’ll be moved upstairs out of emergency shortly.”

“How long have I been here?”

“You arrived,” he looks at his watch. A big fancy one. One that looks expensive. I can hear the ticking from my bed. It’s amazing how much more you use your other senses after months living in the woods.

“Fourteen hours ago. Most of that was spent in surgery to set your femur and get the screws in place.”

“Oh.” “Do you have any questions for me, Nora?” My gut clenches.

“No. I’m fine.” The better I begin to feel, the more rested I am, the worse my panic becomes. He’s still out there and Lotte is missing. I am in deep trouble.




If you’re a fan of dark reads, look no further than The Tutor!

This book is nothing short of a thrilling, suspenseful mind-bender that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Nora has had to grow up very quickly due to a tragedy at the age of sixteen. Thankfully, she has a fabulous bestie, who’s family is like her own. She’s resourceful, smart, and mature beyond her years. She also has a love for words, and that endears her to my heart.

Holden is TWISTED, but you know what? It’s not his fault.  Raised by a  psychotic mother, he can’t help but fall into the same patterns that she had.  He lives off the grid, in a very remote cabin, where he can carry out his plans.

I loved this dark and twisted plot. I think there’s way more to Holden’s story than what we got in the book.  He’s such a complicated character. Then there’s Nora. She suffers from a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome, but I think it goes beyond that. She’s truly done what she could to survive.

The book has a past / present format, and it’s told from ALL the characters POV’s, which I really enjoyed. How K. managed to keep all of those characters voices unique is mind-blowing.

This is not a book for the faint of heart.  When she puts trigger warnings in, it’s not just because.  If you don’t mind that, then I highly recommend this book. And I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.



BLOG TOUR, GIVEAWAY & REVIEW: Penalty by Jacob Chance


Title: Penalty

Author: Jacob Chance

Genre: Sports Romance

Release Date: May 12, 2017

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Penalty Jacob Chance ECover.jpg


He’s the bad boy quarterback of Boston University’s football team. As the
son of a former NFL player, he’s showered with attention and praise
twenty-four-seven. One flash of his smile and all the girls fall at his
feet – or should I say to their knees?

And then there’s me.

Brady Lincoln is the last person I want attention from. He’s the kind of
guy my father warned me about. His play on the field is legendary and his
play with the ladies, even more so. I’ve managed to stay off his radar
until recently.

What happens when the cocky quarterback breaks all the rules to win my



5 Stars

Jacob, in a very short amount of time, has become my favorite male author.  He’s a master of sweet and sexy, and I can’t get enough of his writing.  

Brady is the next in a ever growing line of swoon-worthy book boyfriends from Jacob. Brady is the epitome of college quarterbacks. Not only is he smart, not only is he gorgeous, he carries the playboy reputation like a badge of honor. And being the son of a famous NFLer, you know he’s going places. 

Harlow is sweet and shy, and hasn’t had the easiest life. She’s very studious, and rarely makes an appearance off campus if she can help it. If it weren’t for her bestie Raine, she probably wouldn’t have a social life at all. 

A chance encounter between the campus stud and the introvert changes both of their lives immeasurably.  And oh man, what a great story theirs is! I LOVE that Jacob has branched out in the the sports romance world. His romantic suspense is awesome, but this new realm of his writing (in my opinion) is his best yet.  

I love these two together, the supporting cast of character – Nick in particular – and this beautiful story of Brady and Harlows. I really hope Jacob continues down this sports romance road, and can’t wait to see what he brings us next.



Jacob Chance grew up in New England. He’s a martial artist, a football fan,
a practical joker and junk food lover.

An author of erotic thrillers, he plans to write many more sexy,
suspenseful stories.



Facebook Group:







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Penalty Jacob Chance Teaser 1.jpg





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